Parker, CO
Seasonal Specials for Autumn/Winter 2015

Autumn/Winter Cake flavors:    6” round: $358” round: $45

Pumpkin: Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Cranberry-Orange: Cranberry Cake with Orange-Creamsicle Buttercream

Pecan Praline: Butter Pecan Cake with Caramel Buttercream

Chocolate Caramel: Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel Buttercream

Autumn/Winter Pie Flavors:   9” pies: $15

Caramel Apple with Jack Daniel’s
Chocolate-Peanut Butter Mousse
Mixed Berry

Seasonal Ice Creams and Sorbets:  1-pint: $10 1-quart: $15 Half-gallon: $25

Apple Pie Ice Cream: Apple-cinnamon ice cream with chunks of shortbread cookies and a hint of Jack Daniel’s

Pomegranate Ice Cream: Refreshing ice cream flavored with real pomegranate

Pumpkin Ice Cream: Flavored with pumpkin puree, cinnamon, and bourbon (alcoholic)

Jack Daniel’s Ice Cream: Vanilla ice cream with Jack Daniel’s (alcoholic)

Pecan Praline Ice Cream: Vanilla ice cream with candied pecans

Holiday Cheesecake Ice Cream: Cranberry cheesecake flavor

Pomegranate Sorbet: Refreshing pomegranate juices with a hint of ginger

Apple Spice Sorbet: Apple and mulling spices

Cranberry Sorbet: Cranberry, Orange juice and Grand Marnier

Holiday Wine Sorbet: Red wine and mulling spices

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